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How to add subtitles in your video

How to add subtitles in your video

Adding subtitles to the video will make sure that the viewers can understand the content better from the bottom of the screen. Interestingly, many viewers do not read subtitles consciously, but in most cases...

Top 7 WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social media is a great source of traffic for your website. One of the best ways to obtain traffic from social media sites is to ensure that your content is shared across many social media platforms, by as many users as...

How to Convert DVD to Digital Formats?

In most people’s opinion, DVDs seem to be outdated in our life. But even in today’s advanced technology, it is undeniable that the DVD is still the easiest tool to store your favorite TV shows, movies...

How to Convert MOV Video to MP4 Video ?

As we all know, MP4 is the most common and versatile video format available online, and it can be accepted by any browser, player and social media. However, video files captured or recorded by Apple devices and...

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