Bluehost Web Hosting Review [UPDATED]

Bluehost Web Hosting Review [UPDATED]

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Today we’re doing a full BlueHost Review covering their new website, plan features and overall hosting service review.

Where is BlueHost located?

BlueHost was started in 2003 by Matt Heaton in Utah, United States.  In June of 2011 Matt posted on the company blog that he was stepping aside from his CEO position and the company was soon sold by EIG (Endurance International Group).  Since EIG took over they changed quite a bit including a new website and plan offerings which we’ll go over in this BlueHost Review.

Is BlueHost any good?

Currently BlueHost hosts over 2 million websites globally with customers across the globe.  BlueHost is one of the big guns when it comes to shared hosting.  One of their key successes has been partnering with WordPress and being listed as the [eafl id=5843 name=”Bluehost” text=”Best WordPress Hosting”] provider.  For those of you who don’t know, WordPress is a robust open-source blogging software used by millions of websites including ours!  Being partners with WordPress allowed BlueHost to grow rapidly and they even have a plan designed specifically for WordPress Hosting.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plan Review

We had the opportunity to test the BlueHost WordPress hosting plan which starts at $12.49/month however after the first month the price goes up to $24.99/month.  They do offer an anytime money back guarantee which is a nice touch and gives users the ability to test out their services without locking in to a long term contract.

The order process was pretty straightforward, we chose a domain name and a monthly billing cycle.  The domain name was free with the plan.  You’ll have the option to choose domain privacy for an additional $9.99/year which hides your personal information when someone does a whois lookup on your domain.  They also have 2 addons you can purchase during the order process.  The first addon is called Search Engine Jump Start which is $14.99/year and the second is their Site Backup Pro which is billed monthly at $1.67.  We opted out of both of these addons since we’re just testing the BlueHost WordPress plan and personally we don’t think you need either addon.  The search engine addon seems like a gimmick to us as search engines will crawl your website on their own and the backup service is nice but in reality you can create your own backup of your website and keep it locally.

The BlueHost WordPress plan is not on a shared server but is on a VPS which is something we really like.  A VPS gives you dedicated resources and much more security and flexibility than a shared hosting server.  Once our account was setup we installed WordPress with their one-click install which was seamless.  Within a few minutes we had WordPress installed on our domain.

WordPress Hosting Performance

Once we had WordPress up and running we installed a bunch of plugins and a theme and decided to run a few stress tests to see how the VPS would handle heavy loads.  We tested the CPU, Memory and Disk I/O access.  The BlueHost WordPress plan was simply awesome.  BlueHost says that the plan can handle 100 million visits/month and our test confirmed this.  That being said most websites won’t hit such a high peak of visitors but it’s comforting to know the plan can handle heavy traffic during peak hours.

In terms of memory, the server comes with 2GB of dedicated RAM which is more than enough for a WordPress website.  We didn’t run in to any memory issues at all on the VPS.

For storage the BlueHost WordPress hosting plan comes with 30GB of space with an added 30GB of backup space as well.  30GB is more than enough to host thousands of pictures and videos.  You can really store a ton of data and it gives you ample room to grow as your WordPress site grows.

BlueHost Control Panel

When it comes to web hosting finding a host that has an easy to use and intuitive control panel is part of the task.  You want to make sure the hosting control panel is user-friendly and feature rich.  BlueHost uses cPanel as their control panel which we LOVE.  cPanel is very easy to use and has tons of features to make managing your website a breeze.  You can easily create email account, check visitor stats, create and edit your databases as well as add additional domain names to host under your plan.  The BlueHost cPanel is a modified version of the standard cPanel you’ll find with most hosting companies meaning they have a custom theme and added a bunch of icons to up-sell other services.  That being said we love that BlueHost chose cPanel and managing our WordPress installation was that much easier.

BlueHost Support

With any hosting company support is key.  It’s probably the most important factors when choosing a web host.  When it comes to support BlueHost offers 24/7 phone and ticket support.  When we tried the BlueHost support line we got a support rep on the phone in about 2min.  The rep was fairly knowledgeable and answered all of our questions without any issues.  We then submitted a ticket to the BlueHost support team and the response took about 35min but was resolved in the initial response which was nice.  They also have a Live Chat option which is a good place to ask any sales questions you might have.  From our understanding BlueHost does not outsource any of their support avenues and everyone works from their offices in Utah.

Overall in terms of support we were very happy with BlueHost.  They seem to be on the ball when it comes to customer service.

BlueHost Coupons & Special Offers

We’ve asked BlueHost to provide our readers with a special offer and we got it!  If you’re looking for WordPress Hosting definitely give BlueHost a try.  Their regular price for hosting is $7.95 however our visitors can take advantage of a special discount rate of $4.95/month.  As always thanks for reading our BlueHost review and be sure to check back for the latest hosting reviews, discounts and coupons.

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