FreeKaSMS is a paid bulk SMS company that allows the small business to reach Indian consumers and pitch their product to the people under a small budget. FreeKaSMS managed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge in this specific area.

But, what makes them different from the rest of the companies?

Service and Features

We believe that quality to price always works, so we are going to list important features that every small business should know about Bulk SMS service.

24/7 customer support:

You can find a million services online that promise to deliver a service for the lowest price as possible. However, it comes with specific disadvantages, and the customer care support always hits the first place. Companies that offer you lowest price package cannot assign a separate division to handle your problems.

However, we have told you that FreeKaSMS managed by professional with expertise in the area. The company organised their existing team in a way that they can provide you with flawless support without spending money on expensive Bulk SMS services.

100% Reliable:

In the virtual world, many people offer services at a low price, but they might be the person they are telling to the world. The risk of an imposter in the virtual world likely and it’s a common issue these days.

FreeKaSMS isn’t like any other Bulk SMS company because they are registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 and Companies Act 2013. In simple words, FreeKaSMS recognised by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India.

The company does deliver what they say, or you can always report them under false services to the Indian consumer forum.

Reliability does not only work on the legal side but also the technical front. The FreeKaSMS proudly said that they use high-priority communication routes to send your SMS to the people under 12 hours of the period. If you select the One Time Password package, then you can tell that the SMS sent within 15 seconds of time.

Unlimited Sender ID’s:

I consider sender ID one of the important aspects of the SMS marketing strategy. No average Indian customer would recognise you as priority business unless you have a proper sender ID. FreeKaSMS allows you to use unlimited sender ID to send your message across the country.

Remember, it has one disadvantage that other small businesses are allowed to use the sender ID you have used to send SMS in last 30 days.

So keep it in mind that you may not get a unique sender identification number.

Instant Reply To Queries:

The customer care designed to work with the customers to give them Instant replies to queries.

Only responsive customer care can deliver instant solutions to the customers.

Integration with WordPress, WHMCS etc

Free Ka SMS allows you to integrate SMS notification with popular scripts and billing applications like WHMCS which very popular in Web Hosting industry, you can install a plugin and send direct SMS from your website build on platforms like Php, WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce and many others using Bulk SMS API.

Compare FreeKaSMS to Other Bulk SMS Company

Text Local is one of the major Bulk SMS Company that provides every feature FreeKaSMS packed in for you. However, they lack a couple of the features because of the country differences. Text Local is a non-Indian company that isn’t aware of the needs of an Indian businessman.

Text Local vs FreeKaSMS:

Bulk SMS Company Review

Text Local is a foreign company that does not have a close relationship with the Indian community. The FreeKaSMS built on Indian community and designed for the small Indian business.


If you compare the number of packages offered by the Text Local, then you would realise that none of the packages is missing from FreeKaSMS. There are additional features offered by the Text Local, but those features may not have an importance in our community.


Bulk sms company review

Both companies allow their user to try ten free SMS under the trial agreement. However, you will find great price difference as the number of SMS increases in Text Local. They are a little expensive compared to FreeKaSMS.

The reason behind remains in the headquarters location, where Text Local operates from another country, so the cost of expenditure is high. FreeKaSMS home in India. Thus the cost of expenditure is lesser than them.

FreeKaSMS also cuts down their profits to offer you lowest price possible.

Customer Feedback

The business of FreeKaSMS built around the customers, and the company does not compete with anyone. They contact their customers or the executives save information collected from the customer support, and then add them to the packages.

Customer Support:

The FreeKaSMS customer support works on all working days, and they help you with technical assistance to issues with your account. The company has 24/7 dedicated customer care that works on Sundays as well. The FreeKaSMS takes pride in the quality they are providing, and they also help you configure the account without charging you a penny.


FreeKaSMS has organised team that listens to existing customers to meet your requirements. They fix for the existing customers, which is one of the factors why you have improved services every single week.

You have selected OTP services, then the high-priority messages sent to the customers within 15 seconds. If the service fails to send them under 15 seconds, then the message does not count from your package.

You can anticipate the price to value service and features the company is organising for you!


FreeKaSMS managing team has organised advanced training for their executives to give you the best support. Regarding quality, you have to try the free trial 10 SMS offered by the FreeKaSMS; then you can judge the quality.

Also, give a call to the customer care and clear your doubts to witness quality in service and technology.


The FreeKaSMS created ties with the leading telecom communication operator to give you high-priority lines to send the SMS within the promised time. You are guaranteed to get 100% SMS delivered within the promised time. You can find more about it on the company’s official page.


Nothing is perfect, and FreeKaSMS does have few downsides, but if you are a small businessman and you can communicate with their customer care, then you are good to go. We can also pay a little and get a unique SENDER ID to preserve company reputation among the customers.