FULL LIST: 332 pay channels and price as reported to TRAI

With the December 29 deadline for the implementation of the new TRAI rules drawing near, an analysis of the 332 channels that have already declared their prices indicates that Star India is the most expensive, followed by Zee and Sony.

Scroll down to see the full list of pay and FTA channels available on most DTH and cable platforms in India, along with their prices from Dec 29.

Going by the average numbers, the highest number of pay channels are with the Zee Group — including both entertainment and news channels, followed closely by Star India and TV18 groups.


Including its subsidiary Asianet Communications, Star India has a total of 51 pay channels, out of which 23 channels are priced at Rs 19 each. Only five are priced at Rs 1 each (see charts below).

If you tried to purchase all of Star-Asianet’s pay channels one by one, it would cost you a whopping Rs 646 per month.


Following closely on the heels of Star is Zee Entertainment, the entertainment focused division of Zee Group. Zee Entertainment has a total of 41 channels, out of which 19 are priced at Rs 19 each.

The average price of a Zee Entertainment pay channel is Rs 12.32 per month (see chart above).

If you purchased all of Zee Entertainment’s pay channels one by one, you would end up spending Rs 505 per month.


At the third place in terms of average price is Sony Pictures. The company has declared 25 pay channels with an average price of Rs 12 per month.

Together, they cost Rs 301 per month if purchased individually.


At the fourth place in terms of average pricing of channels under the new scheme is Sun TV.

The Chennai-based broadcaster has a total of 33 channels priced at an average of Rs 11 per month. The total cost of the individual channels works out to Rs 362 per month.


The last major network is Viacom 18, a joint venture of Reliance Industries’ controlled TV18 and Viacom of the US.

Viacom18 has a total of 32 pay channels. However, unlike the other four companies mentioned above, the pricing of Viacom18’s channels are considerably lower.

The average price of a Viacom18 pay channel is only Rs 7.80 per month. The total cost of all 32 channels is Rs 250 per month.


Other broadcasting companies, such as the Times Group, Turner, Discovery, TV18 News, Zee News and NDTV all charge much lower for their channels.

Times Group, for example, charges an average of Rs 7 per month for its 11 channels, followed by Turner at 6.4 rupees.

National Geographic and Discovery Communications are the cheapest providers of pay channels, at just Rs 3 per channel on average.

Discovery has a total of 13 pay channels in India and it would cost you Rs 36 to subscribe to all of them individually. Discovery also has among the cheapest channel bouquets as well.

It’s competitor National Geographic has 9 pay channels under the new system that comes into effect on December 29.

The total cost of these 9 channels works out to Rs 23.

Among news channels, NDTV’s average price is Rs 2, while that of TV Today is Rs 1.3 and News18 has an average price of Rs 0.90. Zee News’ average price is 50 paise per month.

It should be noted that most of the news channels are free.


Out of the estimated 800 or so TV channels in India, around 332 have already declared their prices.

The remaining 470 or so channels can be assumed to be free, also known as free-to-air or FTA.

Within the 332 pay channels, 232 are transmitting in standard definition or SD, while the remaining 100 are HD channels.

Out of the 232 SD channels, 57 are priced at Rs 10 or more, while the remaining 175 channels are priced at Rs 9 or lower.

Within this 175 channels, 108 channels are priced at Rs 2 per month or below.

In other words, 75% of the standard definition channels are priced at Rs 2 or below per month.

Below, you can find lists of free and paid channels along with their monthly price.


MRP of pay channels , offered by broadcasters to subscriber as reported to TRAI

S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
1ABP News Network Pvt Limited1ABP Ananda0.5SD
  2ABP Majha0.5SD
2AETN 18 Media Pvt Limited3The History Channel4SD
  4FY1 TV181SD
  5FY1 TV18 (HD)1HD
  6Histroy TV 18 HD9HD
3Asianet Communications Limited7Asianet19SD
  8Asianet Plus5SD
  9Asianet Movies15SD
  10Suvarna Plus5SD
  11Star Suvarna HD19HD
  12Asianet HD19HD
  13Star Suvarna19SD
4Bangla Entertainment Private Limited14AATH4SD
  15SONY Marathi4SD
5BBC Global News India Private Limited16BBC World News1SD
6Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited17Zoom1SD
  18Romedy Now8SD
  19MN +10HD
  20Mirror Now3SD
  22Times Now5SD
  23Romedy Now HD10HD
  24Movies Now HD15HD
  25MNX HD10HD
  27Times Now HD7HD
7Business Broadcast News Private Limited28BTVi3SD
8Celebrities Management Pvt Limited29Travel XP HD9HD
  30Travel XP Tamil1.5SD
9CSL Info Media Private Limited31JAN TV PLUS50SD
10Discovery Communications India32Animal Planet2SD
  33Discovery Channel4SD
  34Discovery Channel – Tamil4SD
  35Discovery Kids Channel3SD
  36Discovery Science1SD
  37Discovery Turbo1SD
  38Discovery Jeet1SD
  39Discovery HD World6HD
  40Animal Planet HD World3HD
  41TLC HD world3HD
  42Discovery Jeet HD2HD
11Disney Broadcasting (India) Limited45Disney Junior4SD
  46UTV Movies2SD
  47Marvel HQ (Disney XD)4SD
  48Disney International HD12HD
  49Hungama TV6SD
  50The Disney Channel8SD



S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
12Eenadu Televisoin Private Limited52ETV17SD
  53ETV Andhra Pradesh1SD
  54ETV – Telangana1SD
  55ETV Cinema6SD
  56ETV Life1SD
  57ETV Plus7SD
  58ETV Abhiruchi2SD
  59ETV HD19HD
  60ETV Plus HD10HD
  61ETV Cinema HD10HD
  62ETV Abhiruchi HD4HD
  63ETV Life HD3HD
13EPIC Television Networks Pvt Limited64EPIC TV (HD Distribution)2HD
14Genx Entertainment Limited65UTV Bindass1SD
  66UTV Action2SD
15Greycells18 Media Limited67Topper TV59.32SD
16IBN Lokmat News Private Ltd68News 18 Lokmat0.5SD
17Living Entertainment Enterprises Private69Living Foodz HD10HD
 Ltd70Living Travelz0.10SD
  71Living Rootz0.10SD
  72Z Living0.10SD
18Mavis Satcom Limited73J Movies3.75SD
  74Jaya Max3.75SD
  75Jaya Plus1SD
  76Jaya TV HD19HD
19MSM World Wide Factual Media Private77SONY BBC EARTH4SD
20Media World Wide Limited79Travel XP3SD
21Lifestyle and Media Broadcasting80Good Times1.50SD
22New Delhi Television Limited81NDTV 24*73SD
  82NDTV India1SD
  83NDTV Profit1SD
23NGC Network (India) Pvt Limited84Fox Life1SD
  85National Geographic Channel (NGC)2SD
  86Fox Life HD1HD
  87Nat Geo Wild1SD
  88National Geographic HD10HD
  89Nat Geo Music HD1HD
  90Nat Geo Wild HD5HD
  91Nat Geo People HD1HD
  92Baby TV HD1HD
24NOIDA Software Technology Park93NHK World Premium (HD1800HD
 Limited Distribution)  
25Odisha Television Limited94Prarthana2SD
  96Tarang Music2SD
26Panorama Television Private Limited98News 18 Bihar Jharkhand0.50SD
  99News 18 Madhya Pradesh /0.5SD
  100News 18 Rajasthan0.5SD
  101News 18 Uttar Pradesh/ Uttaranchal0.50SD
  102News 18 Urdu0.5SD
  103News 18 Kannada0.50SD
  104News 18 Bangla0.50SD
  105News 18 Punjab / Haryana /0.50SD
   Himanchal Pradesh  
  106News 18 Gujarati0.50SD
  107News 18 Odia0.50SD



S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
27Raj Television Network Limited108Raj Musix Kannada0.25SD
  109Raj Digital Plus1.5SD
  110Raj Musix1SD
  111Raj News0.25SD
  112Raj TV3SD
  113Vissa TV0.50SD
28Sarthak Entertainment Pvt Limited114Sarthak TV19SD
29Silverstar Communications Limited115Mega 241SD
  116Mega Musiq2SD
  117Mega TV5SD
30Sony Pictures Networks India Private118Sony YAY!2SD
  120SET MAX15SD
  126MAX 21SD
  128SET HD19HD
  129SIX HD19HD
  130PIX HD15HD
  131MAX HD17HD
  133Ten 2 HD17HD
  134Ten 3 HD17HD
  136AXN HD7HD
  137Ten 215SD
  138Ten 119SD
  139Ten 317SD
  140Ten 1 HD19HD
  141SONY Wah1SD
  142SAB HD19HD
31Star India Private Limited143Star Sports 34SD
  144Star Sports 1 Tamil17SD
  145Star Sports Select 27SD
  146Star Bharat10SD
  147Movies OK1SD
  148Star Sports 1 Hindi19SD
  149Star Gold8SD
  150Star Jalsha19SD
  151Star Movies12SD
  152Star Gold Select7SD
  153Star Plus19SD
  154Star Pravah9SD
  155Star Sports 119SD
  156Star Sports 26SD
  157Star World8SD
  158Jalsha Movies6SD
  159Star Sports HD 219HD
  160Star Sports HD 119HD
  161Star Bharat HD19HD
  162Star Gold HD10HD
  163Star Movies HD19HD



S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
  164Star Plus HD19HD
  165Star World Prmiere HD9HD
  166Star Sports 1 HD Hindi19HD
  167Star Sports Select 119SD
  168Star Movies Select HD10HD
  169Star World HD9HD
  170Star Sports First1SD
  171MAA Gold2SD
  172MAA Movies10SD
  173MAA Music1SD
  174MAA TV19SD
  175Star Pravah HD15HD
  176Star Jalsha HD19HD
  177Jalsha Movies HD19HD
  178Star Sports Select HD 119HD
  179Star Sports Select HD 210HD
  180MAA HD19HD
  181Star Gold Select HD10HD
  182MAA Movies HD19HD
  183Star Sport 1 Telugu19SD
  184Star Sport 1 Kannada19SD
  185Star Utsav1SD
  186Star Utsav Movies1SD
32SUN TV Network Limited187Adithya TV9SD
  188Chintu TV6SD
  189Chutti TV6SD
  190Gemini Comedy5SD
  191Gemini Life5SD
  192Gemini Movies17SD
  193Gemini Music4SD
  194Gemini News0.10SD
  195Gemini TV19SD
  197Surya Movies11SD
  198Kushi TV4SD
  199SUN Life9SD
  200Sun Music6SD
  201Sun News1SD
  202Surya Music4SD
  203SUN TV19SD
  204Surya Comedy4SD
  205Surya TV12SD
  206Udaya Comedy6SD
  207Udaya Movies16SD
  208Udaya Music6SD
  209Udaya News0.10SD
  210Udaya TV17SD
  211Kochu TV5SD
  212Sun TV HD19HD
  213KTV HD19HD
  214Sun Music HD19HD
  215Gemini TV HD19HD
  216Gemini Music HD19HD
  217Gemini Movies HD19HD
  218Surya TV HD19HD
  219Udaya TV HD19HD
33Turmeric Vision Private Limited220Food Food TV0.30SD
34Turner International India Pvt Ltd221Cartoon Network4.25SD
  222CNN International0.5SD
  225Cartoon Network HD+10HD
  227HBO HD15HD



S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
35TV 18 Broadcast Limited228CNN News 182SD
  229CNBC Bajaar1SD
  230CNBC TV 18 Prime HD1HD
  231CNBC Awaaz1SD
  232News 18 Tamil Nadu0.5SD
  233News 18 Kerala0.5SD
  234News 18 Assam / North East0.5SD
  235News 18 India1SD
  236CNBC TV 184SD
36TV Today Network Limited237Aaj Tak1SD
  238India Today1.5SD
  239AAJ Tak HD2HD
  240Aaj Tak Tez0.50SD
37Viacom 18 Media Private Limited241Colors19SD
  242Comedy Central (HD Distribution)9HD
  247VH 1 (HD Distribution)2HD
  248Colors Infinity HD9HD
  249Colors Infinity7SD
  250Colors HD19HD
  251NICKS HD+10HD
  252Rishtey Cineplex3SD
  253MTV Beats0.5SD
  254Colors Kannada HD19HD
  255Colors Marathi HD19HD
  256Colors Bangla HD14HD
  257Colors Super8SD
  258Colors Bangla11SD
  259Colors Gujarati8SD
  260Colors Kannada19SD
  261Colors Marathi15SD
  262Colors Oriya6SD
  263MTV Beats HD1HD
  264Colors Tamil3SD
  265Cineplex HD5HD
  266VH 11SD
  267Colors Tamil HD7HD
  268MTV HD+5HD
  270Colors Kannada Cinema2SD
  271Comedy Gujarati Cinema1SD
  272Comedy Central7SD
38Vijay Television Pvt Limited273Vijay TV17SD
  274Vijay Super2SD
  275Vijay HD19HD
39Zee Akaash News Private Limited27624 Ghanta0.5SD



S.NoName of the broadcasterSl. NoName of the channelMRP as per NewDeclared as
    RegulatorySD or HD
    Framework 2017 
40Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited277Zee Bollywood2SD
  278Zee Action1SD
  279Zee Bangla Cinema8SD
  280Zee Café HD19HD
  281Zee Café15SD
  282Zee Cinema19SD
  283Zee Talkies17SD
  284Zee TV19SD
  286& Picture10SD
  287Zee Bangla19SD
  288Zee Marathi19SD
  289Living Foodz1SD
  290Zee TV HD19HD
  291Zee Cinema HD19HD
  292& TV12SD
  293& TV HD19HD
  294Zee Kannada19SD
  295Zee Telugu19SD
  296& Pictures HD19HD
  297Zee Cinemalu10SD
  298Zee Yuva10SD
  299Zee Marathi HD19HD
  300Living Zen0.10SD
  301& Prive HD19HD
  302Zee Bangla HD19HD
  303Zee Tamil HD19HD
  304Zee Cinemalu HD16HD
  305Zee Telugu HD19HD
  306Zee Tamil12SD
  307Zee Kannada HD19HD
  308Zee Anmol Cinema1SD
  309& Flix HD19HD
  310& Flix15SD
  311Zee Keralam HD8HD
  312Zee Keralam0.10SD
  313Zee ETC1SD
  314Zee Anmol1SD
  315Big Magic1SD
  316Big Ganga2SD
  317Zee Talkies HD19HD
41Zee Media Corporation Limited318Zee 24 Taas0.50SD
  319Zee Kalinga0.50SD
  320Zee Business0.50SD
  321Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal0.50SD
  322Zee Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh0.50SD
  323Zee Salaam1.00SD
  324Zee 24 Kalak0.50SD
  326Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttrakhand0.50SD
  327Zee Hindustan0.50SD
  329Zee Bihar Jharkhand0.50SD
  330Zee News0.50SD
  331Zee Rajasthan News0.50SD
42Zoom Entertainment Network Limited332Movies Now12SD



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