So you have finally decided on a blog niche. Very niche! This is probably the best decision you have made so far. But are you ready to dominate that niche.

If you have not selected a niche that nobody wants to read about, you are probably going to have competitors. If you are starting a blog today, then in 99.99% of cases, you are not going to rank in your niche, or considered an authority in niche, if you do not bring something new and exciting to the table.

The number one mistake rookies make while starting a blog is write blogs posts on topics that hundreds of bloggers have already covered. I mean think about it, if you will write the same posts as your competitors, how can you expect to rank? I am not going to go deep about SEO concepts in this post, but Google prefers to rank older sites, so even if you write better content, if you are not writing something that isn’t already present on Google, you are not going to achieve success in the blogging industry.

So how can you dominate your niche? Simple! Start a blog that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Here’s how.

Fill a hole in the market

Find out the blog of your competitors, subscribe to them, and read their content. Find out some of the things that they are missing and write about that. For example, if a blogger is writing about dog breeding, and is not covering about the health issues of dogs, write about blog discussing how to find out if your dog is unwell, and treat him. Like if you are good in cooking then you should research for How to start a cooking blog.

By thinking out of the box, identifying open micro niches, and creating content that is worthy of being published in magazines, you are going to attract readers. Even your competitors would be happy to link to you because you are adding to the content that they have published, thus making the overall niche better.

If you believe that you can’t add something unique to the niche, either find a new niche, or delay the idea of starting a blog and do some research, experimentation, and case studies to get started with your blog as an expert that has something new to bring to the table.

How to dominate a niche and position yourself as a leader

To dominate any niche, you have to collaborate with existing leaders. There are always a few key people in every niche. For example, think of the person who is a leader in meta-blogging, yes, you’ve guessed it right; it’s Darren Rowse of

So, you too can position yourself as a leader if a person like Darren Rowse recommends your blog. You have to do blogger outreach and ask them to share your content. Some people won’t link to you, its fine, but you will be surprised as to how many will.