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What is the meaning of sanskrit verse in the song ‘Kaun hai wo’ in movie Bahubali?

What is the meaning of sanskrit verse in the song ‘Kaun hai wo’ in movie Bahubali?

What is the meaning of the sanskrit verses in the song ‘Kaun hai wo’ in movie Bahubali?


Probably all of us listened this song “Kaun hai wo” from “Baahubali: The Beginning” and tried to spell the verse “Jattaa kattaaha sambhrama bhraman nilimpa nirjharii……” but somehow failed. Am I right ?



Verse 1 – Jattaa kattaaha sambhrama bhraman nilimpa nirjharii
Vilola viici vallarii viraajamaana muurdhani
Dhagad dhagad dhagaj jvalal lalaatta patttta paavake
Kishora candra shekhare ratih pratikssannam mama



Verse 2 – Dhara dharendra nandni vilaasa bandhu bandhuras
Phuradru gandh ta santatip parmodamana maana..sey
Kripa kataksha dhorni niruddha duddha dharapari
Kuachithi jambharey manohvinod mai tu vastuni..

Verse 3 – Jatta bhujanga pingaras
Bhurat badamanipravah
Gadham kumkummadhrava
Parili gadhi vadhupukey
Madaandsindhu raspurat
Vaguptari amidhurey
Manovinod manbhutam
Vibbhatt bhutho vardari..



The song has three Sanskrit shlok which are taken from  “Shiv Tandav Stotram” actually written by Ravana for Lord Shiva.

There are total 15 Shlok in Shiv Tandav Stotram.

Following are the three Shloks used in the song, with their meaning:

1) जटाकटाहसम्भ्रमभ्रमन्निलिम्पनिर्झरी

विलोलवीचिवल्लरीविराजमानमूर्धनि |


किशोरचन्द्रशेखरे रतिः प्रतिक्षणं मम ||२||


I have a very deep interest in Lord Shiva, whose head is glorified by the rows of moving waves of the celestial river Ganga, agitating in the deep well of his hair-locks, and who has the brilliant fire flaming on the surface of his forehead, and who has the crescent moon as a jewel on his head.

2) धराधरेन्द्रनंदिनीविलासबन्धुबन्धुर

स्फुरद्दिगन्तसन्ततिप्रमोदमानमानसे |


क्वचिद्दिगम्बरे(क्वचिच्चिदम्बरे) मनो विनोदमेतु वस्तुनि ||३||


May my mind seek happiness in the Lord Shiva, in whose mind all the living beings of the glorious universe exist, who is the sportive companion of Parvati (daughter of the mountain king), who controls invincible hardships with the flow of his compassionate look, who is all-persuasive (the directions are his clothes).

3) जटाभुजङ्गपिङ्गलस्फुरत्फणामणिप्रभा

कदम्बकुङ्कुमद्रवप्रलिप्तदिग्वधूमुखे |


मनो विनोदमद्भुतं बिभर्तु भूतभर्तरि ||४||


May I seek wonderful pleasure in Lord Shiva, who is supporter of all life, who with his creeping snake with reddish brown hood and with the luster of his gem on it spreading out variegated colors on the beautiful faces of the maidens of directions, who is covered with a glittering upper garment made of the skin of a huge intoxicated elephant.



So, I hope next time when you listen the song, you will able to spell and correctly spell the whole song !

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  1. I was so sure that these shlokas are some shiv stuti but did not know where to find. It’s just great that I could find here and you explained it so well .Thanks a lot, now I will relish this song much more for the brilliance it is:)

  2. Very nice to know the meaning of the powerful song

  3. Mohit Singh Rawat
    July 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Very useful block meredost.. …

  4. Thanks for spreading the knowledge!!
    So its something you yourself translated? If yes, can you help me directing to some good source for learning sanskrit to some extent. Its really feels good when you can actually understand the verses, instead of just listening.

  5. Thank You so much Bro for the enlightenment..!!!!..You have explained the shlokas beautifully…HAR HAR MAHADEV

  6. Thanks for this!

  7. Nice song…and nicest way of explaining…..adorable

  8. Thanks brother for the Chant of Lord Shiva!!!♥♥♥

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