As per reported, Reliance Communication shut down its CDMA services from 31 May 2016. In order to not lose its loyal CDMA users, RCom promised to upgrade them to 4G as soon as the CDMA network shuts down for good.

So, the D-day for Reliance CDMA came and it got shut down! Those who had already shifted to Reliance GSM had no issues at all, but many who were using CDMA till the last date were not migrated to GSM.

This Reliance CDMA to GSM process has created a chaos in the lives of many loyal CDMA users. Here are some of the most common problems in the migration process that Reliance users are complaining about:

CDMA Shuts Down But There Is No Network On GSM

I visited a Reliance Mobile Store to ask about the migration process and why my GSM SIM is still not catching any network. I was told that it was not a problem with the SIM but with Reliance back-end. They have still not activated the SIM and to my surprise I was shocked to know that I was not alone.

Many CDMA users are still stuck in the middle of nowhere. They can’t use their CDMA phone and also have no network on the GSM SIM as well.

This just goes to show how irresponsible Reliance Communications is with little care for their existing customers!

First they gave us a notice period of less than a month about the shutdown of CDMA network and now they are acting completely unprofessional!

It is quite surprising that Reliance did not even care what the users would have to go through without any mobile connectivity. It’s been more than 36 hours and I still can’t use my Reliance 4G SIM.

Mobile Data Not Working On Reliance 4G SIM

For many users in Maharashtra, the mobile data is also not working even after configuring the APN as required. And those who have been able to access Reliance 2G are complaining about super-slow speeds.

It was informed to me that the problem would be resolved within 2-3 days.

Update: The users would have to visit the nearest Reliance Mobile Store to get a software patch on their SIM and the data will start working immediately

When Would Reliance 4G Become Operational?

At the time of writing this post, my CDMA phone is still receiving signals (I can’t use it though). Please note that Reliance Communication plans to launch its 4G services on the same band (850 MHz) as used by its CDMA network. So it can’t launch 4G without completely shutting down its CDMA network.

I inquired Reliance Mobile Store about the real launch of Reliance Communications 4G network and was told that it will become available after 12th May.

This is a lot of time for those who were using EvDo data and are now stuck on pathetic 2G data.

I really had high hopes from Reliance Communications despite being disappointed with their careless CDMA-4G transition without giving a long notice. Many users who recently bought new CDMA phones would either need to sell it or shift to BSNL CDMA.