Have you ever wondered what the basic needs for starting a website or an online business are? Quite simple! You need a niche, an ideal domain name and business name, an ideal hosting service and also attractive templates, page design, to-the-point content etc.

However, the most important factor which holds your business in place is hosting. Hosting is quite essential as it is the root behind the website being present on the internet. It hosts your page on a web server. It makes work simple and lightens your efforts. Temok, is a hosting service which comes at a pretty cheap rate and has also managed to harness a lot of amazing reviews! Sometimes, when our main concern is the price, we often end up choosing the wrong hosting service just because the price is less. It so happens that the hosting service might not be up to the mark. But Temok has earned a big name in terms of both quality services and cheap rates.

Details About Temok

Temok is a well known hosting service provider. It’s recognized for the quality of its services. Its data centres are spread across Europe (Stockholm, SE- Amsterdam, NL- Windhof, LU). Temok does not distribute, rent or share resources and hardware. They own full responsibility and control over their technology and resources.

Dedicated servers

First, you need to understand the meaning of dedicated hosting service. It is a kind of internet hosting in which the client gets the benefit of having the entire server for himself and does not need to share it with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting as a lot of choices can be personally made by the organization. For instance, the type of hardware, operating system etc.

A dedicated server is different from normal servers. A dedicated server is completely reserved for a single customer, which can be an individual or even an organization. The customers of dedicated servers have exclusive rights to their server’s bandwidth, storage space, memory etc. One important point to be noted here is that these servers will not be affected by traffic. When you buy a dedicated server, you indirectly lease a server box that is personalized as per your wish. However, it remains in the data center. Along with a dedicated server, you also get your own IP address and complete control.

Temok provides excellent dedicated hosting service. It makes sure that you don’t lag behind in times of traffic. It offers dedicated servers across a wide range of places like USA, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy and Canada. You would also be offered good flexibility and security. It is one step above other hosting providers because it has proved itself to provide 100% uptime and round the clock support. Temok’s dedicated servers give a greater control, performance and stability. Dedicated servers are in general better than shared or virtual servers. Temok’s private range of ‘bare-metal’ server hardware works well with Microsoft, Linux etc. It satisfies all kinds of hosting needs starting from websites to private clouds. It is known for its consistency.

Features of Temok dedicated servers

Temok consists of fully managed dedicated servers. Technical assistance is available for you round the clock. You can stay in touch with the executives through email, phone, live chat etc. Temok responsibly answers all your queries related to sales etc. It also comprises of free reboots and OS reinstallation. It guarantees 99.9% uptime and full root access. The Intel Processors tend to be of great potential. Custom dedicated server hosting is boosting in USA, Netherlands and Russia. It is available and booming in other countries.

Other important characteristics of Temok

Choosing the right domain name is another essential factor when you start an online website or business. You need a unique name which is also relevant to your website. Temok also assists you with choosing a perfect domain name. At an economic rate, country specific domains can also be found. The presence of generic domains such as .academy, .agency etc adds to the value of the website. Temok also provides domain renewal, domain transfer and bulk registration. Over 800 domain extensions are present as a part of Temok. It also offers the best discounts on a lot of domain extensions. Domain extensions are open for all countries.

Hosting services

Shared Web Hosting: Unlike dedicated hosting, in shared web hosting, servers are shared. The plans under Shared Web Hosting include Starter USA, Business USA, Premium USA and First Class USA.

VPS Hosting: Virtual Private servers are offered to both Windows and Linux platforms. VPS hosting provides for optimum performance. VPS facilities start from a price as minimal as $26.95 every month. You will hereby have complete control over the content and your website as a whole.

Reseller Hosting: Temok provides a brilliantly fast and reliable Reseller Web hosting with both ePanel and WHM. It comes at a very affordable price.

Additional functions

Certain additional functions performed by Temok include Web designing, logo designing, web development, internet marketing, App development, App marketing ASO etc. Security of data is ensured through the availability of SSL products and plenty other privacy tools like proxies and VPN.

There are a lot of features that result in Temok, standing out of the crowd. It’s spread across over 40 countries. The website has clear details related to the phone support number, email address, live chat etc. You can get instant support without fail. As Temok comes with additional benefits apart from merely shared and dedicated hosting service, you must check it out to decide yourself! Go grab your chance without spending too much off your wallet.

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