You are on this page which means there are 90% chances that you already using WHMCS Price Hike Billing Software or you willing to use it for your billing automation.

Let me give you some brief about the same even it doesn’t require any introduction because WHMCS is one of the most used billing panels in the Web Hosting industry.

Companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, IvaryVPN, and many other big giants using it or used it before they develop their own custom solution.

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts and your views can be varied regarding the recent WHMCS pricing hike.

WHMCS New Price Structure

Was is predicted?

Well Yes! it was already being discussed on LowEndTalk and some other forums before official announcements from the WHMCS itself.

Someone with owned license tried to renew his support in 2020 and He noticed there is no support renewal option available. Check LowEndTalk Topic

And when He contact the team this is the reply got from WHMCS people.

“Thank you for contacting WHMCS.

Our Senior Management Team has recently revised our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement (EULA) modifying the License Transfer Policy. Due to this, we now no longer allow the transfer of any type of license to a third party.

Following this change, holders of an “Owned Software License” may no longer make the transfer of their licenses.

Owned Licenses were discontinued from sale in October 2016, and this is the next stage in our winding down of an end-of-life product line.

Due to this update in policy, the decision was made to remove the 12-month option for Support and Updates at this time. The option that is currently available is the 6-month option.
We do apolozise if this has caused any inconvenience to you.”

October 2021 – LowEndTalk

What do I think?

You might haven’t noticed but WHMCS and cPanel are not partner company so after the cPanel price hike it was expected for the WHMCS as well.

I think this is a big game by giant Hosting Players I doubt EIG Group of Hosting Companies they just want to eat the hosting market.

How much you’ll have to pay now?

The major change in new pricing structure is they will stop these plans from July 2021

  • No STARTER Plan
  • No Longer support for Owned Licenses
  • You’ll have to pay $1299 for unlimited clients (1000 times higher than what we were paying)
WHMCS Price Hike

What existing WHMCS users saying?

WHMCS Price Hike
WHMCS Price Hike
Web Hosting Talk
WHMCS Community

Available WHMCS Alternatives?

There are plenty of WHMCS Alternative billing Software available on the web but they do not have features like WHMCS however if you have an in-house developer then Blesta Panel is one of the best options.